Multiple Teams · Running Panthers Win Fossil Ridge’s “Run of the Panther” Meet!!

Fossil Ridge’s “Run of the Panther”

The Keller Fossil Ridge Meet was named “Run of the Panthers” for the Fossil Ridge Panthers Cross Country team.  However, it was the Panthers from North Crowley that stole the show.  The North Crowley Running Panther’s travelled to Keller for the Run of the Panther meet at the Keller sports Complex on Friday. For the second week in a row, the Panthers recorded their best ever finish winning the meet with 46 points. The Panthers dominated the competition with all 7 Panther runners finishing in the top 25! The Panthers were led by junior Antwain George who won the meet with a time of 16:47. For the second week in a row the Panther’s finished with three in the top ten as Manny Wekesa finished 3rd, and Angel Quintana finished 10th. The J.V. Panther’s also ran well as they finished 3rd. The Lady Panthers ran for the first time this year with five runners who had never ran in a high school meet before today. The Lady Panther’s finished 9th out of 16 teams.

Meet’s Team Results:
North Crowley                       47
L.D. Bell                                 108
Trinity                                    112
Richland                                117 


Panther Ind. Results:    
A.G. George                 16:47
Manny Wekesa            17:24
Angel Quintana           17:47
Oliver Villalobos         18:08
James Hernandez       18:11
Joey Zahrah                 18:20
Desjuan Williams        18:28